Since 1996, Dr. Anastasiadou has implemented both alternative and holistic approaches to identify the cause of her patient's symptoms in order to treat them in a natural manner.

The alternative approach

The goal is to normalize the hormonal function of the patient’s body without using medication when possible. Patients are treated naturally through the effective use of supplements, nutritional counseling, dietary adjustments, and bioidentical hormones. In addition to the previous methods, Dr. Anastasiadou is also certified in NES Health - a biophysical bioenergetic treatment method which focuses on energy down to a cellular level. This may be suggested to those who seem interested in a more avant garde approach to treatment, but is entirely optional and at full discretion of the patient.

What is nes?

NES Health is a revolutionary Bioenergetic Wellness System

Every living thing on the planet produces and receives energy, including the cells in your body. The energy us humans produce around our body is known as the “body-field”. Your body-field transmits information to your cells about what biochemical functions to perform and in what order; however, when energy is blocked, your body becomes tired and doesn’t function the way it should. Dr. Anastasiadou as a certified NES Health practitioner works to detect the misinformation and energy blockades in your body-field, in order to resolve them using a powerful hand-held PEMF biofeedback device.

I would highly recommend Dr. Anastasiadou and already know of a few family and friends to refer to her. Facing a personal health challenge and having worked in both western medicine and alternative medicine fields, Dr. Anastasiadou is truly a holistic expert. I was very impressed with her “do least harm” approach and “cut through the muck” attitude to assess your health concerns and provide treatment strategies. Depending on your visit reason, you may feel overwhelmed walking away after your first visit with a bag of supplements. However, I did notice Dr. Anastasiadou did not push me to buy her products. I left feeling more empowered and with a clearer focus about my healing path.
— Jean M.