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Dr. Alkmini Anastasiadou is a holistic and integrative endocrinologist who combines traditional and complementary medicine with a nutritional counseling and lifestyle changes. At least one hour is spent to evaluate every new patient thoroughly in a pleasant, unhurried environment at every visit. We specialize in Medical Weight loss by Holistic Endocrinologist & treatment of Thyroid disease utilizing natural Thyroid hormones (which contain the active thyroid hormone T3)

We also specialize in treatment of Estrogen dominance, PCOS, PMS, Irregular periods, Menstrual cramps, Acne, Hypoglycemia,   Menopausal hot flashes, Type II Diabetes and Hair loss.  Through nutritional counseling personalized diet is recommended for adrenal fatigue, diabetes, thyroid, weight loss, PMS, PCOS, clammy hands, etc. 

We also specialize in NES Health energy approach and Biogeometry. These are avant-garde  diagnostic and balancing energy systems. NES painlessly detects information & energy blocks in your body, meridians and the body field. NES helps to correct these distortions with the help of infoceuticals and MiHealth Provision Scanner. Biogeometry detects energetic distortions in our homes and working environment - it harmonizes them providing us with safe living and working environment.


what we do

Since 1996, we have implemented both integrative and holistic approach to identify the cause of patient's symptoms, discomfort and enable their self-healing abilities.

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Holistic, compassionate, multilingual, and a graduate of one the most renowned medical schools in the world, you won't meet another physician like Dr. A.

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I am incredibly grateful to the entire staff at Dr. Anastasiadou’s office for their compassionate care over a several year period. I sincerely cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. A—she always goes that extra mile. She is very caring and takes the time to explain everything that is tailored to you as an individual. There are no words to describe my absolute gratitude to her. I am forever grateful for what she has done and continues to do for me!
— Patricia F.